Norwegian Pearl & Star                Ensemble             Second City Theatricals, d. Anneliese Toft

American Mixtape                        U/S Ensemble       Second City Theatricals, UP,  d. Billy Bungeroth

Best Musical!                                 Ensemble              Porchlight Music Theatre, UP, d. Matthew Loren Cohen

Baby Wants Candy                       Ensemble              Apollo Theater, the Annoyance

Improvised Sondheim                  Ensemble              Stage 773, Magnet Theater, d. Tyler Dean Kempf

Rapture                                          Ensemble              ComedySportz Chicago, d. Rene Duquesnoy

SCTC HouseCo                             Ensemble              deMaat Theatre, d. Ryan Archibald/Jon Wagner

No Milestone Unturned                Ensemble              SCTC SongCo, d. Anthony LeBlanc/Steph Vlcek

Directing: Improv                           Ensemble              deMaat Theatre, d. Ryan Archibald

Greatest Story Never Told            Ensemble             Theatre Wit, d. Andrew Ritter

Mo Freedom, Mo Problems          Ensemble             Donny’s Skybox Studio Theatre, d. Anthony LeBlanc

Goddamn, Mitt!                              Ensemble             Donny’s Skybox Studio Theatre, d. Jay Steigmann

So Fresh, So Clean                        Ensemble             Donny’s Skybox Studio Theatre, d. Anthony LeBlanc


Don’t Be A Drag                             Ensemble             Stage 773, d. Jen Ellison

Janus: The Musical                        Karen                    Fine Print Theatre, Stage 773, d. Aaron Graham

The Horseshoe Roundup             Slue Foot Sue       Tokyo Disneyland, E Productions

Pecos Goofy’s Frontier Revue      Rose La Fleur       Tokyo Disneyland

Angelina Ballerina: the Musical     Mimi (1st run)        Vital Theatre/PBS Kids, Second Stage Uptown

Good, Good Trouble                      Rose (u/s)             Endstation Theatre Co., FringeNYC

Grey Gardens                                 Little Edie             Wolfbane Productions LLC

RENT                                               Maureen               Renaissance Theatre Co.

A Chorus Line                                 Sheila                   Glass Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Cats                                                 Grizabella             Glass Theatre

Batboy: the Musical                        Meredith              Haymarket Theater 

Lightning At Our Feet                     Emily                    Ridge Theater Co., Squires Studio Theatre

Her Sexy Outfit                                Rap Soloist          Ridge Theater Co., Squires Studio Theatre


Holy F*ck Comedy Hour               The Clam Strips    the Annoyance

Thunderdome/ Kill All Comedy    The Beefcakes      iO, Upstairs Gallery, the Den, the Hideout

Live! Tonight!                                 Writer/Performer   iO's Chris Farley Cabaret

Raw Nerve                                     Writer/Performer   iO's Mission Theater

Shar-nanigans                                Writer/Performer  the Annoyance, Upstairs Gallery

All of It All The Time                      Writer/Performer  Chemically Imbalanced Comedy

Two B**ches From Arkansas        Writer/Performer  Playground Theater

Hitchcocktails                                Jazz Soloist           iO, the Annoyance


Major Pharmaceutical Industrial  Actor                      Dave & Co, BluePrintNYC, d. Steph McCullough

Major Real Estate Industrial         Actor                      Baird & Warner Productions

Confusion In Chicago                  Rachel Nichols       PMSports LLC Web Short, d. Dale Arroyo

Oh, Sophia                                    Bar Patron             Peresempio Pictures LLC, d. Bornila Chatterjee


Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts, Performance concentration, Virginia Tech, summa cum laude

Improvisation & Sketch Training: Second City Conservatory Graduate, Second City Music Conservatory Graduate, Second City Writing Program,                                                                                Annoyance Training Center, iO Chicago Training Center


Singing (soprano/belter, range: C2-D6), stand-up comedy, dialects (British/American Standard and Regional, others with notice),                                         dance (classical ballet, jazz, tap, Graham modern), basic SAFD armed/hand combat, makeup FX and design